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Rabbi Mendel Zirkind is a certified Mohel based in the Chicago area. He spent over a year training and interning under the world-renowned Rabbi Yisrael Heller - a veteran mohel of over twenty-five years, and one of the top Mohelim in the NY tri state area - in order to be certified as a Mohel!

As part of his training, he was taught and instructed in being aware of all important Halachic and medical issues that can arise, as well as to be knowledgeable in the latest medical technology and information.

After studying in Central Lubavitch Yeshivos in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, he received semicha, rabbinical ordination, through Kollel Tiferet Menachem in Los Angeles, CA.

Rabbi Zirkind is available to travel to perform your son's bris Milah to the highest religious and medical requirements and standards!

Have a question or concern about the bris? Please contact the Mohel to discuss or reach out to him for any related questions or concerns.

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