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Bris Checklist:

IMPORTANT: To assure that the bris be held as planned, it is important that if any health-related concern develops (i.e rash, fever, etc.) it should be brought to the Mohel's attention immediately.



Please bring the following items:

  1. Tallis (prayer shawl)

  2. Kippot (yarmulkes) for your guests

  3. Kiddush cup and wine (sweet, red, kosher wine – NOT DRY)

  4. Besamim (Sephardic custom)

  5. 5 diapers

  6. Baby wipes

  7. Baby's bottle containing milk or water at room temperature (optional)

  8. A pacifier (optional)

  9. A firm pillow covered with a clean white pillowcase

  10. A candle that will be lit throughout the circumcision ceremony


Please see to it that the baby is present 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time so the ceremony can run as planned.


For the sake of your peace of mind and to ensure promptness, please be sure that all of those who will be receiving important honorary positions are notified ahead of time, and that they have their tallis prepared in advance.



Honors at the Bris: (numbers in parentheses represent the order of importance)

  1. Kvatter (7)

  2. Placing the baby on the throne of Eliyahu (4)

  3. Lifting the baby from the throne (5)

  4. Sandak (1)

  5. Lifting the baby from the Sandak (6)

  6. Standing Sandak (2)

  7. Reciting the Brachos (3)

  8. Reading the Rebbe's letter

   * Click here to download a printable honorees form.

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